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Training and Time Commitment

Anyone over the age 18 is welcome to become a Leader. The key prerequisites are a good sense of humour, organisational skills, cheerful attitude and desire to meet the Aims (refer to home page) of Scouting. All training is provided by Scouts Australia which is a nationally recognised training provider. As such, your scout training will also earn you Certificate or Diploma level awards depending upon how far you choose to go. You will also gain personal fulfilment from being a volunteer in a highly respected organisation, and of course from helping young people to develop in to good citizens and great young adults.

All adults who wish to become a Leader must have a current blue card approved by Scouts Australia. This application process is quick and easy and is done as part of the initial training/sign up meeting. The Scouting Code of Conduct is covered throughout training, however it is beneficial that all prospective Leaders familiarise themselves with this prior to sign up. Click here to view/download a copy of our Code of Conduct.

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Scouts Australia is a recognised training provider. Becoming a Leader is challenging, fun and a great way to meet people, obtain new skills and gain qualifications. Cooroy Scout Group welcomes part time and full time leaders. Whether you choose to volunteer part time or full time, it is essential for Leaders to commit to completing their basic training within the first 18 months after sign up. Group Council meetings are a great time to organise your training schedule so you can co-ordinate with the other leaders. Even though you'll meet many nice people at training, it can be more enjoyable if you travel, camp and train with a couple of familiar faces.

Additional nationally recognised courses available include: abseiling, bushwalking, canoeing, first aid, four wheel driving, kayaking, working with youth with disabilities etc.

Note: All Leader training fees and out of pocket expenses associated with running your section are paid by our Group. All payments are subject to approval by the Group Leader and Parent Committee and require receipts. Leaders' children are exempt from paying subs and fundraising levy. All other costs eg Registration etc still apply.


  • Leaders are expected to reliably run a section meeting for their youth members each week during school terms. Where practical, Leaders should arrange for another Leader to replace them if they are unable to attend for any reason.
  • Leaders are expected to attend Group Council meetings and planning meetings etc with their fellow Leaders.
  • Leaders are encouraged to attend District Training Meetings (DTMs) once per month.
  • Leaders are expected to organise/attend camps, excursions and activities in addition to the regular weekly section meetings.
  • Leaders are expected to program (plan) their meetings, camps and activities etc to scouting standards as outlined in training in advance. Programs must be documented and available to all leaders to minimise risk of double booking facilities or equipment etc.
  • Leaders are expected to maintain their own section records and attend to paperwork such as permission forms etc.
  • Leaders are expected to be good communicators with families as well as youth members. It is essential that Leaders take the time to keep their families updated with current and upcoming activities and paperwork.
  • Leaders are expected to complete their basic training and encouraged to complete their advanced training.

As you can see, volunteering as a Scout Section Leader can be time consuming and involves a fair bit of work. However, having several Leaders per section to share the workload and time commitment can solve this problem. Less workload results in more fun and less stress for everyone! This is why Cooroy Scout Group welcomes part time Leaders as well as full time Leaders.

Please contact the Group Leader if you would like to know more or to apply to become a Leader.