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Fundraising, grants, donations and sponsorship

Fundraising is the main method of raising enough money to keep our Group financial. Because of this, it is an essential activity within the group and requires input from ALL families. Please contact the Group Leader to select a fundraising task that your family would like to be involved in. Our Groups' fundraising activities are quite social and generally not too challenging. At Cooroy, we like to keep it simple, keep it consistent and keep it fun. Fundraising activities also have the added benefit of teaching our youth members about finances. It gives them real life experience with organisation, work ethic, customers and money management. It provides opportunities for the youth members to engage in community service and to take active involvment in financing their own group. Our regular fundraising activities include a Car Boot Sale once per term, occassional sausage sizzle, catering at the Wood Workers Expo and Car Parking at the Noosa Hill Climb. We also run raffles and pie drives etc.

car boot sale

We are fortunate that there are many opportunities to obtain funds and equipment via Grants now. This has reduced the need to do extra fundraising to purchase expensive equipment like canoes etc. We are always interested in suitable grants and welcome assistance from experienced adults were possible. Please note that all minor grant applications MUST be presented to the Parent Committee for approval. All major grants MUST be presented to Scouts Head Office after consultation with the Group Leader. Please contact the Group Leader for more info on grants.

Cooroy Scout Group welcomes donations from individuals, businesses and groups. Please contact the Parent Committee or Group Leader if you'd like to offer a donation. All donations of money, services or goods will be acknowledged in the local paper and with a letter and Certificate of Appreciation. Donations of over $250 with an ongoing committment to sponsorship will also entitle the donor to a listing and link on our website home page as well as appearing on the footer of our official letterhead used for all correspondence.

IMPORTANT: Please obtain a letter of introduction from the Parent Committee before approaching other individuals or businesses etc for donations or sponsorship on behalf of Cooroy Scout Group!