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Newsletters and Publicity

Cooroy Scout Group Parent Committee produce regular newsletters. These are emailed to all families, displayed as a hard copy on the notice board in the den.

A visible presence in our community and in our local papers is of great benefit to our Group. It is essential that all our members take pride in their uniforms and dress correctly for all public events such as Anzac Day etc. Just as important is the way parents and helpers present themselves and interact with the public when representing our Group. Always endeavour to set the best possible example to our youth.

Any interested member is welcome to supply photos and articles to our local paper to advertise upcoming Group events and publicise the achievements of our youth etc. It is vital however that the parent committee and Group Leader are informed before the item is submitted. This helps to prevent accidental errors, ommissions, possible contentious issues arising and conflicts etc.

IMPORTANT: Please obtain APPROVAL from the Parent Committee and Group Leader before publishing any material via any media on behalf of Cooroy Scout Group!

Sample newsletter items promoting our Group include the following:

Newspaper item - Jamboree Newspaper items - SSS and Cubs