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Youth Camping and Gear

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JOEY SCOUTS 6 yrs to 8 yrs
Joey scouts enjoy 'day camps' and 'sleepovers' where they introduced to the fun of camping out with the rest of the joey mob. Venues are selected to provide good protection from the elements to ensure a positive camping experience.

Gear requirements are minimal and will be shown on the activity permission form (C3) that will be distributed prior to any' out of routine' joey scout event.

Standard items include water bottle, broad brimmed hat, sunscreen, covered shoes. A Mess Kit may be required.

CUB SCOUTS 8 yrs to 10.5 yrs
Cub Scouts enjoy 'pack holidays' of usually 1 or 2 nights. Pack holidays may be in tents or in dorm accommodation. Older cub scouts may wish to attend events such as Cuboree. This is a 4 night camp held every 3 years (like Jamboree) and attended by groups from all over Queensland.

Specific items will be shown on the C3 (permission form)

SCOUTS 10.5 yrs to 14.5 yrs
Scouts have a wide choice of camping activities from overnight camps/hikes to multi day camps/journeys. Every 3 years scouts are able to attend Jamboree. Jamboree is 10 days of camping and activities with other scouts from all over Australia and the world. There are also various other interstate and international events available.

Specific items will be shown on the C4 (permission form)
For more information, refer to "Fieldbook for Australian Scouting" available for purchase from the Scout Supply Centre.

VENTURER SCOUTS 14.5 yrs to 18 yrs
Venturer Scouts fundraise for, and organise their own camping adventures and expeditions. There are also a number of organised events locally, nationally and internationally available to Venturers. Venturers are also encouraged to attend and assist with running camps for the younger sections.

Venturer scouts are responsble for their own paperwork, risk management, planning their own provisioning and equipment requirements.